[Gmsh] Problems with compounded curves and surfaces

Pouria p.araghchi at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 24 08:40:32 CET 2020

Dear Gmsh-/Onelab-team,

currently, I am working with Gmsh to use it as my main mesh generating tool
for my simulations (with Abaqus).
There, I need to remesh the old geometry (in form of a .geo file) and then
I want to export the new geometry or mesh to Abaqus.
Before, I used the remesh option in Gmsh, but it didn't solve the problem,
because it deleted all the sets (physical tags) which I need for further

Recently, I tried to use the "compound" option, but I have encountered one
problem. When compounding the old geometry (compound curves and compound
surfaces) and meshing, the 1d elements still contain the lines elements of
my old geometry.
Here I want Gmsh to delete the curves that belong to the old geometry and
only show the curves that belong to the new mesh.
Furthermore, I can't find a way to map the previous curve sets (physical
tag) to the newly created curves. Is there a way to map old sets to new

I have also posted a question on stack exchange. There is a more elaborate
example with graphics and the .geo file.
I also attached the .geo file for better visualization.

I hope that you can help me with this problem.

Pouria Araghchi
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