[Gmsh] cannot change the meshing size

Zhang, Fangyin FZhang at ThorntonTomasetti.com
Mon Feb 24 14:37:43 CET 2020

Thank you very much, Christophe!
I did look the 1-D mesh by selecting "Mesh visibility->Nodes" and "mesh visibility->1D elements". 

I'll try it on a Linux machine and then report my test to the list.



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> On 14 Feb 2020, at 15:06, Zhang, Fangyin <FZhang at ThorntonTomasetti.com> wrote:
> Dear Gmsh users,
> I’m creating a frame in Gmsh (the .geo file is attached). When I tried to mesh the lines, no matter what kind of meshing size I defined (by changing the “Prescribed mesh element size at point”, which is the parameter “cl1” in the attached file, and through “Mesh à Define à Size at points”), the element size is always the same.

Your file works as expected here. Maybe you're just not looking at the 1D mesh (it's not displayed by default)? Double-click in the graphic window and select "Mesh visibility->Nodes" and/or "mesh visibility->1D elements".


> I’m using Gmsh version 4.5.2 in Windows 10.
> Thank you for any help!
> Regards,
> Fangyin
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