[Gmsh] Linear elasticity equation using the template project file

Zoltan zoltan.csati at centralelille.fr
Fri Feb 28 18:30:26 CET 2020


I want to solve a plane stress problem in linear elasticity on a 
rectangular domain. To do this, I followed the instruction in the header 
of the Interactive_Elasticity.pro 
First, I created the domain and the default triangular mesh on it. Then 
I defined two physical groups, one for the left and one for the right 
side of the rectangle. After that, I clicked on File -> Merge and 
selected the /Interactive_Elasticity.pro/ file. Here comes the problem. 
The instruction writes: “You will be prompted to setup your material, 
sources and the boundary conditions for each physical group, 
interactively.”. You can see from the attached screenshot (using the 
latest Linux x64 binary of ONELAB) that only the boundary conditions 
appeared. The problem can still be solved but the displacement and 
stress values are zeros, as you see from the opened result text files.


 1. How can I set the material parameters E and \nu?
 2. Why is my solution a zero vector?
 3. How can I visualize any component of the displacement vector and the
    stress tensor?

Thank you

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