[Gmsh] geo script - how to reference elements after reading a msh file

Don Van Kerkhoven donvk at distributel.net
Sat Feb 29 16:04:56 CET 2020



I have a "triangulated.msh" file that was created from the
Plugin(Triangulate) and saved.

I need to attach features to this mesh as well as correct several normal


How do I reference or access the points, lines, etc of this mesh ?


Is there a way to harmonize the normals?


------ code start --------

Merge "Triangulated.msh";                                         // works,
but normals are random

SurfaceAll[]=Surface "*";                                             //
works, 1 surface detected

LinesAll[]=Line "*";
// fail, 0 lines detected

PointsAll[]=Physical Point "*";                                    // fail,
0 lines detected

----- code end -------------





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