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> On 29 Mar 2020, at 12:24, Sabrina Zacarias <szacarias at ikp.tu-darmstadt.de> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am a bit confused with the output of the meshing of my model and would really appreciate a piece of advise:
> My geometry consists of an axial section of a cylinder (which plays the role of the air surrounding my model ) containing several (sections of) rings, which are electrodes, plus two (sections of ) disks, which are the cathode and anode. The fact that these are sections and not complete cylindrical pieces is to make the meshing faster. And the post processing software can handle it.
> Anyway, In the real model  I need to use ~200 electrodes.  So far I have not been able to achieve a mesh without errors. I get ‘Unable to recover the edge XX on curve XX (on surface XX )’, and also   ’No elements in volume XX’. 

With Nel = 200 your geometry is invalid (it auto-intersects), whereas with Nel = 20 it is correct.


> What I find confusing is that when I reduce the number of electrodes x10 lower, without changing anything else, the meshing is correct. 
> I am obviously missing something or not approaching the problem the right way. I attach the .geo files if someone could please take a look. 
> Best regards,
> Sabrina
> <3d_main.geo>
> <f_box.geo>
> <f_electrode.geo>
> <f_plates.geo>
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