[Gmsh] Questions on 4.1 format

paul francedixhuit paul18fr at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 16:51:27 CEST 2020

Hi All
I'm currently having a look to the new 4.1 gmsh format.

Compared to the previous 2.2 legacy one:

   - I guess *$Nodes* and *$Elements* for example use now blocs (or it has
   been splitted in blocs) in order to take advantages of parallelization,
   hasn't it?
   - *$Entities* and *$PhysicalNames* are used to define specific groups of
   elements to apply on specific features (typically sub-parts)

Nonetheless concerning *$NodeData* (and *$ElementNodeData*), I've not
tested it so far but I feel the structure remains identical to the 2.2 one:
am I right? if so I can imagine improvements will be provided in a next
future, won't be?

The next steps will be to use it through the Python API 😊


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