[Gmsh] Problem meshing a spur gear

Carlos Fernandes carlosmcgfernandes at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 19:30:14 CEST 2020

Dear Gmsh community,

I am Carlos from Portugal.

I am working with Gmsh API in order to generate the geometry and
automatically mesh spur and helical gears (with a structured mesh). To do
so, I make use of setTransfiniteCurve which works perfectly for a 2D
situation (see attachement 2D). However, when I extrude the geometry using
extrude, one particular area on the tooth doesn't mesh properly (3D_wrong
in attachment). The weird thing is, if I use any other gear geometry or
even helical gears, the mesh works perfectly both on 2D and 3D. If someone
could provide me some hint...

Another tricky thing that I am facing is making a rotating pattern of the
mesh already done. My ideia is to be able to generate the amount of gear
teeth according with the type of simulation needs. In certain simulations I
use 1 tooth, in others a variable number of tooth up to all the gear
(360º). Is there a particular tool in Gmsh API that is efficient in perform
this kind of pattern?

Thank you all.

Best regards,
Carlos Fernandes
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