[Gmsh] Help/advice with definition of mesh size

Octavio Castillo Reyes ocastilloreyes at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 12:32:08 CEST 2020

Dear gmsh team and users,

I would greatly appreciate your help in understanding / solving the
construction of a mesh with gmsh. In the attached file you will find the
definition of the geometry, which is made up of 8 volumes. What I want is
to build a mesh with the following characteristics (if possible):

For each volume get the element size:
Mat1, Mat2, Mat3 = 50
Mat5, Mat6 = 500
Mat7, Mat8 = 2500

Note that Mat1, Mat2 and Mat3 are contained in Mat5 and Mat6., And these,
in turn, are contained in Mat7. I have tried different configurations but
have not been able to obtain an adequate morning size, which in some cases
is over-refined or under-refined.

Could someone from the community give me a tip or help? I would very much
appreciate your comments

Thanks in advance

Best regards
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