[Gmsh] Saving msh in several parts defined by lists of physical

Michel Cassagnes michelcassagnes11 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 00:32:12 CEST 2020

Dear all,

It seems that the option does not exist yet but maybe it has something to
do with partitioning. Here is my question :

I would like to save mesh (in med format) in several parts that are defined
by lists of physicals. Some physicals may belong to more than one part.

What I do for now :
1 - I prepare a text file that describes a geometry from a cad software
(list of entities, each entity being described by a list of point
coordinates, its type and its cad layer)
2 - another text file describes the different parts of the geometry, by
sets of layer names. Some physicals may belong to several parts.
3 - then I make geo files from 1 and 2, each geo file contains all geometry
but only physicals which are to be saved as mesh.
4 - Gmsh mesh each geo.files (so I repeat exactly the same meshing for each
geo file) then I  save only mesh entities with physical tag in med format

What I would like to do: Instead of meshing all geo files as in point 3
above:- mesh in only one time the geo file, containing all geometry
- then save the mesh in several steps, giving at each step a list of
physicals that are to be saved.

Exemple :
*geo file  :*
surfaces : "s1", "s2", "s3"
points : "p1", "p2"

*meshes to save :*
first med file :
    - meshed surfaces : "s1", "s2"
    - points : "p1"
second med file :
    - meshed surfaces : "s2", "s3"
    - points : "p2"

I hope it is clear !

Best regards,

Michel Cassagnes
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