[Gmsh] Point In Edge - a workaround with issues

Mathias Scheunert ms79vary at mailserver.tu-freiberg.de
Fri Apr 24 11:49:18 CEST 2020

Dear developers and users,

**** The goal*

We want to create a checkerboard model to run some resolution studies 
with our FE software.

For that, we construct a geometry consisting of a large box which 
includes an arbitrary amount of small boxes at an arbitrary position 
using the OpenCascade kernel features.

Subsequently, we add some arbitrary points to that geometry which we 
need to be part of the 3D mesh, i.e. which should be contained in mesh 
as mesh vertices.

In case of these points are located within any face or volume of the 
geometry, `|Point | Curve { expression-list } In Surface { expression 
};`| or `|Point | Curve { expression-list } In Volume { expression };` 
|does it's job very well!

However, if points are accidentally located on edges, making them part 
of the mesh vertex list is not possible as unfortunately there is no 
`|Point | Curve { expression-list } In Line { expression };` | so far.

**** The workaround*

We tried to force Gmsh adding that points to the edges by defining small 
lines which we add to the surface that belongs to the respective edges.

-> Please have a look on the attached MWE, that illustrates our approach.

**** The problem

We are controlling the cell sizes by using a combination of filter.

When changing the scales of our geometry or changing the parameter set 
of our filters, meshing sometimes fails without any - at least for us - 
understandable reason.

-> Please try using line 6 instead of line 5 in the MWE.

Does somebody have a hint how to fix that?

Or, does somebody have an even better workaround for subsequently adding 
points to edges?

Best regards,

ps: We are using Gmsh 4.5.6.

Dr. Mathias Scheunert
Institute of Geophysics and Geoinformatics, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Gustav-Zeuner-Str. 12, D-09596 Freiberg
Tel.: +493731393630

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// Gmsh project, tested with Gmsh 4.5.6

// Problem parameter
size_at_point = 1;  // fails!
//size_at_point = 10; // works!
domain_w = 1e6;
box_w = 1e2;

// Set Volumes
Box(1) = {-box_w, -box_w, -box_w, box_w, box_w, box_w};
Box(2) = {0, -box_w, -box_w, box_w, box_w, box_w};
boxes() = {1, 2};
Box(3) = {-domain_w, -domain_w, -domain_w, 2*domain_w, 2*domain_w, domain_w};
BooleanFragments{Volume{3}; Delete;} {Volume{boxes()}; Delete;}

// Add point on edge that should be vertex of mesh
crit_pt_id = newp;
Point(crit_pt_id) = {0, -0.5*box_w, 0};
tmp_coo() =  Point{crit_pt_id};
tmp_pt_id = newp;
tmp_pts() = {tmp_pt_id, crit_pt_id};
Point(tmp_pt_id) = {tmp_coo(0), tmp_coo(1), tmp_coo(2)-size_at_point}; 		// add dummy point
tmp_ln_id = newl;
Line(tmp_ln_id) = {crit_pt_id, tmp_pt_id};                             		// add dummy line
For v In {0:#boxes()-1}
	tmp_surfs() = Abs(Boundary{Volume{boxes(v)};});
	// Search those box faces, which include the point AND the dummy point
	For s In {0:#tmp_surfs()-1}
		tmp_bb() = BoundingBox Surface{tmp_surfs(s)};
		pt_in_bb() = Point In BoundingBox{tmp_bb(0), tmp_bb(1), tmp_bb(2), tmp_bb(3), tmp_bb(4), tmp_bb(5)};
			If (#pt_in_bb() > 5)
				Line{tmp_ln_id} In Surface{tmp_surfs(s)};	// add dummy line to resp. face

// Cell sizes at point
pad = 0.5;
Field[1] = Distance;
Field[1].NodesList = {crit_pt_id};
Field[10] = Threshold;
Field[10].IField = 1;
Field[10].LcMin = size_at_point;
Field[10].DistMin = 2*size_at_point;
Field[10].LcMax = pad*domain_w;
Field[10].DistMax = pad*domain_w;
// Set background field
Field[100] = Min;
Field[100].FieldsList = {10};
Background Field = {100};
Mesh.CharacteristicLengthFromPoints = 0;
Mesh.CharacteristicLengthFromCurvature = 0;
Mesh.CharacteristicLengthExtendFromBoundary = 0;

Mesh 3;

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