[Gmsh] Problem meshing imported STEP file

Michael Enders Michael.Enders at icfo.eu
Tue Apr 28 12:20:22 CEST 2020

Hello everyone,

I would like to mesh a .STEP file (a picture is attached). But just running

Merge "part.STEP";
Mesh 3;

gives me the following errors:

Error   : No tetrahedra in region 1
Info    : 3D refinement terminated (274 nodes total):
Info    :  - 0 Delaunay cavities modified for star shapeness
Info    :  - 0 nodes could not be inserted
Info    :  - 0 tetrahedra created in 0.000178 sec. (0 tets/s)
Error   : No elements in volume 1

I tried to define new volumes and I managed to mesh some parts of the object, but I was never able to mesh everything. Do you have some ideas what I could do?

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