[Gmsh] gmsh-sdk installation question

Peter Johnston p.johnston at griffith.edu.au
Thu May 14 12:54:59 CEST 2020


I have a question about gmsh/gmsh-sdk installation under python - I realise this is not a gmsh question exactly, so hope it is OK.

I was trying to install gmsh and gmsh-sdk on a computer running ubuntu 18.04 using 'pip3 install gmsh' (I also tried 'pip3 install gmsh-sdk'). On my mac laptop (OSX 10.15.4) this works fine. It puts the appropriate python gmsh files under /usr/local/ and everything works fine. However under ubuntu it installed to files under $HOME/.local/ and python3 says it cannot find the gmsh module.  I have modified the PYTHONPATH variable to take into account $HOME/.local/, but this doesn't help.

I really don't know what is going on on two fronts:

  1.  I don't know why pip is installing things in different places between my two machines.
  2.  When I type print(sys.path) in python it points to the places where I think gmsh should be. Which files am I looking for exactly?

After a long time trawling the internet, I couldn't find anything that would help me with these issues.

Any insights would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


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