[Gmsh] Mesh & Topshape, Brep

Keith Sloan keith at sloan-home.co.uk
Mon Jun 8 20:05:44 CEST 2020

I am looking at using Gmsh in a FreeCAD Workbench.

I see

"Actually gmsh::model::occ::importShapeNativePointer() was originally 
only designed to work with the C++ and C APIs, and has been removed from 
the Python and Julia APIs in Gmsh 4.4.

If a Python specialist can help in making a new version of the function 
that actually works in Python, we would be happy to re-add it (even if 
of course such a function is intrinsically "unsafe").


So it looks like I would have to export the Shape I wish to work on as a 
Brep file and
import that into Gmsh. After meshing is there any easy option to create 
a Brep file or TopShape version of the mesh?

Thanks Keith

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