[Gmsh] Not grasping something correctly.

Keith Sloan keith at sloan-home.co.uk
Sun Jul 5 12:08:19 CEST 2020

I am trying to add various gmsh facilities to a FreeCAD workbench.

One is a straight Tessellate of a FreeCAD shape or mesh.

I think I have the meshing correct as if I save the mesh of a Cube I get 
the attached file.

But I am having problems recreating a visual mesh under FreeCAD.

To recreate the Facets I have a function that does

nodes, coordLst, pcords = gmsh.model.mesh.getNodes(2)

# should return nodes and coordinate

faceNodes = gmsh.model.mesh.getElementFaceNodes(2,3,-1,True)
  # nodes, coords are numpy arrays

But don't seem to be retrieving the info for the triangular faces in the 
mesh must
be not understanding something.

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