[Gmsh] Unable to select surfaces using GUI

A Chaube achaube2 at illinois.edu
Mon Jul 6 21:51:10 CEST 2020


I have a complicated 2D mesh with lots of elements (which I cannot reduce
in number), and I am extruding this into a 3D mesh. Upon extrusion, it
becomes extremely challenging to keep track of new surfaces (needed for
creating sidesets) - the easiest way seems to be to select them using the

However, the geometry model has no opacity for surfaces (just a wireframe
marker), so everything looks really busy and it is impossible to click on
the surface that I wish to select. Making mesh elements visible makes the
model visually opaque and less busy, but some surface markers (the dotted
crosses) simply disappear, making it impossible to select the right surface
without a lot of effort (tracking common curves to deduce surface ID etc).

Could you please suggest a way to select physical surfaces when you have
lots of different surfaces (12-20 per physical surface, and about 10
physical surfaces)?

Thank you.
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