[Gmsh] Generate a CFD mesh

SAHA, SUDIPTA sahas at email.sc.edu
Sun Aug 9 22:41:39 CEST 2020

Yes. It is possible. You have to mesh in the gmsh script. I would say have denser Transfinite mesh along the formation of boundary layer.
This is a nice visualization on how transfinite mesh can be formed and distributed from denser to coarser and vice versa by altering the Progression parameter in the script.

And I emphasize on the practicing the t6.geo tutorial described in the gmsh manual.


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Subject: [Gmsh] Generate a CFD mesh

Dear Gmsh developers,

We would like to generate a high-quality mesh for the Fluid-structure-interaction simulation.
The Geometry is read from a CAD file (step). The inner block in the red circle is the solid domain and the outer block is the fluid domain.
We hope to refine the mesh only on the fluid-solid interface while remaining the coarse meshes in the rest of the domains. Is it possible to do that?
The geo file is attached.

Thanks very much in advance!

Sincerely yours,
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Laboratory (Nishiwaki Lab)
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science
Graduate School Of Engineering
Kyoto University
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