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> On 14 Aug 2020, at 16:16, Rohracker, Maurice <mau.rohracker at fau.de> wrote:
> Dear GMSH user and developer,
> I created two meshes for a box with a spherical inclusion around the origin, one with tetrahedra and one with hexahedra. For both, I created a simple load case in Abaqus and compared both results in a short report (see attached). In the report, a more detail explanation of the load case is given as well.
> Do you have any idea, why in the hexahedral case, the stress results are not that smooth like in the tetrahedral case? Could it be that I missed some option while creating the hexahedral mesh? Are there any options which could improve the mesh and such also the results? Or are these things related to the simulation I am doing?

A hex mesh generated by subdivision of of course of very poor quality... For a simple geometry like the one you tested, you should create your hex mesh using a structured approach (see e.g. gmsh/benchmarks/3d/sphere_hexa.geo).


> Do you have any similar experience with such behaviour?
> We are using GMSH 4.4.1.
> If you need more information, please let me know.
> Thank you very much in advance.
> Best regards,
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