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> On 8 Oct 2020, at 08:37, Pawel Kudela <pk at imp.gda.pl> wrote:
> Dear Gmsh community,
> Do you know how to force gmsh to produce only one layer of hexahedral elements through the thickness of the thin-walled structure like in the attached example? I want to have only one layer of linear elements which will be than converted to higher order spectral element type.
> 3D meshing always produces two elements even though 1 layer is set in extrude operation.

You get 2 elements in the layer because of the 

  Mesh.SubdivisionAlgorithm = 2; // 1: all quadrangles; 2: all hexas

command, which subdivides the mesh (to get a full quad/hex mesh).

There's active work on new quad meshing tools, so hopefully this limitation will disappear in the future.


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