[Gmsh] Mesh doesn't show when I change Geometry.OCCTargetUnit from "M" to "MM";

Marco Antolovic marco_antolovic at yahoo.it
Fri Nov 13 19:37:14 CET 2020

Hi all,
I'm trying to mesh the attached step file and I'm experiencing a strange Gmsh behavior when I change Geometry.OCCTargetUnit = "M" to Geometry.OCCTargetUnit = "MM"
Keeping all other options unchanged, when I use "M" the domain is meshed and I can see the mesh but I when I switch to "MM" although meshing process is shown (and completed succesfully with 22153 nodes 112879 elements) in the message console the mesh is nowhere to be seen. 
The min/max element size should not be a problem (for me it is set to 0/2). 
My Gmsh Version is 4.7.0-git-0dc1450
Any help is much appreciated.
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