[Gmsh] gmsh and Plot3d interactions

Miroslav Grulovic miro_grulovic at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 26 20:00:29 CET 2020

Hello there
Ia am involved in little project using NASA PMARC14 software, and recently noticed some Plot3D capabilities which are aso build in GMSH. However I have noticed that GMSH  ( version 4.5.6 ) perfectly read p3d files and exporting them to NASTRAN format bdf, but when tried to convert very same file back to Plot3D format, error message pops up .Error reads  " Warning : No structured grid to save " and creates empty p3d file.Appears that software does not recognizes its own routine so please advise, do I am doing something wrong or software is not capable of such as transformation.
Cheers thanks for response and stay safe.

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