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 Hello Christophe, thanks for prompt response and hope you are safe.
That is unfortunate, and if possible change will be awesome.I do not really understand idea of gitlab, since I am not familiar with application and their actions.Also capability to create structured mesh and export it in variety formats will be great for variety of reasons.Please note PLOT3D software is by NASA limited to USA only, and Open VSP, is using HERMITE approach in geometry creation and it is capable to export STRUCTURED mesh in two formats ( p3d and PMARC12 pmin )
Cheers and stay safe.
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> On 26 Nov 2020, at 20:00, Miroslav Grulovic <miro_grulovic at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello there
> Ia am involved in little project using NASA PMARC14 software, and recently noticed some Plot3D capabilities which are aso build in GMSH. However I have noticed that GMSH  ( version 4.5.6 ) perfectly read p3d files and exporting them to NASTRAN format bdf, but when tried to convert very same file back to Plot3D format, error message pops up .
> Error reads  " Warning : No structured grid to save " and creates empty p3d file.
> Appears that software does not recognizes its own routine so please advise, do I am doing something wrong or software is not capable of such as transformation.

Indeed, currently when we read structured meshes we import them as general unstructured grids. The P3D reader could be changed to keep track of the structured information. Maybe open an issue on the gitlab to keep track of this feature request?


> Cheers thanks for response and stay safe.
> Miro  
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