[Gmsh] Role of CreateGeometry in Creating Geometry from Mesh

Prani Nalluri pan4 at rice.edu
Mon Dec 7 07:31:14 CET 2020


I would like to ask a question with regard to the CreateGeometry function.
Our task is to create a geometry based off the mesh test1.msh. This
geometry will be used to remesh the domain. In the script below titled
remesh.geo, the line CreateGeometry{Surface{:};} appears to recognize
points and edges of and within the domain. Thus, the CreateGeometry
function is able to produce an accurate geometry that is the same as the
geometry of the original mesh that test1.msh was based off. However, we
have been unable to determine why the  CreateGeometry function with the
specific inputs given to it in our script works. Would you be able to
elaborate on this? Thank you for your help. Attached below are the
test1.msh and remesh.geo files.
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