[Gmsh] How to generate a parabaloid or surface from an equation?

Paul K paulklasmann at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 7 22:30:53 CET 2020

Dear All,
I would like to generate a parabaloid surface, for example a parabolic reflector surface that is defined by an equation.  Is this possible? First I would use Gmsh on its own to generate the surface mesh that I plan to use in a physical optics PO and GTD simulation.  In a CAD program I would plot the curve from the vertex and rotate into a BOR object.
Second, I'd like to be able generate any arbitary surface using a function so that I can simulate a shaped or distorted reflector.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

My final goal is to write a C++ program with a wxWidgets GUI and to include gmsh as the mesh generator for the PO simulator and possibly have a way of visualising the reflector and mesh. Thank you.

Kind Regards
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