Diffraction grating

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Parametric model of diffraction gratings

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Additional information

To run the model, open grating2D.pro with Gmsh.

This model applies to so-called mono-dimensional grating, i.e. structures having one direction of invariance. Various geometries and materials can be handled. The two classical polarization cases, denoted here E// and H//, are addressed. The output consists in a full energy balance of the problem computed from the field maps. For more detailed information and associated bibliography, the curious reader is invited refer to [1].


  1. G. Demésy, F. Zolla, A. Nicolet, M. Commandré, and C. Fossati, The finite element method as applied to the diffraction by an anisotropic grating, Opt. Express 15, 18089-18102 (2007).

Models developed by G. Demésy.