[Getdp] Green's function

Lars Rindorf lhr at com.dtu.dk
Mon Jan 14 15:06:37 CET 2008

Dear all

I think there is an error in the Helmholtz Green's function in 1 dimension. First of all, there is a misprint in the getdp manual. The 2D and 1D Helmholtz Green's functions are not included. The Green's function in 2D is given by a Hankel function, in 1D is an exponential function, and they are different from function in 3D. When I use the 2D and 3D Helmholtz Green's functions it seems to work fine. When I use 1D (Helmholtz[]{1D,k}) the message console gives the error

GetDP   : Error     : Bad Parameter for 'GF_Helmholtz' (1)

Kind regards

Lars Rindorf