[Getdp] Magnetodynamics Example

Daniel R Morris dmorris at sparkchaser.com
Thu Mar 20 03:52:34 CET 2008



Thank you for this wonderful program.  I have already used it to solve the
problem of a particle passing through an aperture in a conducting medium
(basically, a resistance measurement).  If I get a moment, I may add this to
the examples.


I have a new problem that is almost identical to the magnetodynamics example
in the manual: an inductor wound around a conducting core, with an AC
current flowing in the inductor.  When I run the example, I see a gradient
in the magnitude of the current in the inductor (Region "Ind").  With the
constraint, should this not be a uniform magnitude?  My problem involves an
inductor of many windings, so the current should be uniform across the whole
of the inductor.


What am I doing wrong or not understanding?



Daniel Morris

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