[Getdp] Eddy Current, how?

Bernhard Kubicek bernhard.kubicek at arsenal.ac.at
Thu May 29 11:28:19 CEST 2008

Dear Group,
I want to simulate some eddy current problem. 

The system is 2D and made from multiple conductors, e.g. two rectangles
that are close together, in a big surrounding air region. In one
rectangle, the current flows in one direction, in the other the same
current returns.
How would I simulate this?
I mean, in a single conductor, one would probably use a scalar nodal
value to have the electric field in the axial direction. And solve 
Laplace[E_z]=mu conductivity Dt[E_z] with a boundary condition of eg.
setting Ez(centerpoint) to a fixed value.

However, this is, if I understand it correctly, not valid in the
surrounding air. Also, I get a big knot in my head thinking that the
electric field would be in z-direction in the conductors, and outside
not only in z-direction.

So how would one simulate the interaction between the air-separated
conductors ? 
using an h-based simulation in the conductors, and then using
biot-savart from the current density to get the an new h on the boundary
f the conductors?

very nice greetings,