[Getdp] Make a debian package from the nightly-source and make repository for debian-ubuntu distribution.

Luis Saavedra luis94855510 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 11:53:14 CEST 2008

Dear List,

In these moments I am looking for the way of implementing equations with 
singular integrals in GetDP, since yet I do not have much that to show 
with regard to it :P, I want to share the form that I have of doing a 
package Gdebi from the sources of the GetDP, if you make it, can realize 
the following:

$ wget http://getdp.no-ip.org/makedeb.tgz
$ tar xzf makedeb.tgz
$ cd makedeb
$ bash download.sh

and then you will have a file getdp_$version.deb to install of the 
following form:

# dpkg -i getdp_$version.deb

The intenseness is to create a repository debian for GetDP:


for the present they are ok for ubuntu-Hardy only, but the idea is for all,