[Getdp] Periodic Boundary Conditions

Lars Rindorf Lars.Rindorf at teknologisk.dk
Tue Jun 3 13:12:22 CEST 2008

Dear Bogdan
You need to add your periodic boundary condition in your functionspace along with the other constraints. It should look like this

FunctionSpace {
 { Name Hcurl_a ; Type Form1P ;
  BasisFunction {
   { Name se ; NameOfCoef ae ; Function BF_PerpendicularEdge ;
     Support Omega ; Entity NodesOf[ All ] ; }
  Constraint {
   { NameOfCoef ae ; EntityType NodesOf ; NameOfConstraint a ; }
   { NameOfCoef ae ; EntityType NodesOf ; NameOfConstraint per ; }
I have tried it, and it looked correct to me.
KR, Lars Rindorf


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Dear List,


I have a problem using periodic boundary conditions. The simple example attached represents a linear permanent magnet machine without stator slots. Two poles are simulated and the moving part is translated so one of the poles is split on left and right of the model. The solving works without incidents but the result is not a periodic field. (E.g. the last postoperation shows the Az on a line in the middle of the air gap and the left end has not the same value with the right end.). I' have checked if the mesh is the same left from right and noticed that the nodes have not exactly the same position on the boundary. The file per1.msh corrects this problem but the result is not better. Does somebody have an idea where my problem comes from?


Many thanks


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