[Getdp] 3D electromagnetic formulation

David J. Spreadbury djs at plextek.co.uk
Tue Jul 29 15:07:07 CEST 2008

I'm not sure whether this is the correct way to post a message, but as a
practicing (and slightly ageing) engineer, rather than an academic or
mathematician, I would like to model 3D electromagnetic waves in
irregular conducting cavities (e.g. waveguide components) and also in
free space (e.g. antennas). GetDP with Gmsh seems to be exactly what I
need, but its impressive general capability and academic/mathematical
approach rather go over my head.  I found MicroWaveElectricField
tantalizingly unintelligible. Is it possible please to supply, or direct
me to, simple explanations/formulations/examples for wave launching
(either as an E field in a guide or via a driven probe), 3D wave
propagation, PMLs, and field measurement? 
I plan to work with vector quantities at fixed frequencies, as I believe
this, rather than the FDTD approach, gives accurate results for small
Thanks for any help, sorry to be a pain.
David Spreadbury
dspreadbury at iee.org

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