[Getdp] help_on_MagnetoDynamic_example

flavio.calvano at unina.it flavio.calvano at unina.it
Thu Oct 30 16:04:22 CET 2008

   Dear Patrick Dular and Christophe Geuzaine,

   I'm a PhD student from Italy of University "Federico II" of Naples  
that is working in Tampere University of Tecnology with prof Kettunen  
and his staff for a period of 10 months.I am working on NDT and I  
would like to envelope a code with getdp.I have found a an example on  
your website MagnetoDynamic with coil implemented, but now I have a  
problem that I can't understand.I have imported a mesh made in Cubit  
with hexaedrons with an interface and I have run it, but the code  
give zero eddy currents on the plate and a magnetic field equal to  
zero everywhere excepted in the coil and I have only modified the  
imput region respect to your code as you can see in the attach, so I  
would like to ask you if you have any suggests.Thank you for your  

   Best Regards

   Flavio Calvano

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