[Getdp] question about--with-scalar-type=complex

Jung Thomas Thomas.Jung at iisb.fraunhofer.de
Fri Jan 13 10:28:31 CET 2012


I just realized that I have been happily doing time harmonic calculations, using Resolutions of Type ComplexValue,
using a petsc installation that has been configured without the -with-scalar-type=complex option, obtaining however reasonably looking results,
I am wondering now - does this flag just enable a perhaps more efficient algorithm, or have I been calculating nonsense?

Any answer would be higly appreciated, as I am a little scared right now.

Actually I would be happy if everything was o.k. without that flag, because then I could continue using BoomerAMG from Hypre, which for me, up to now,
has been by far the most efficient solver,  but does not support the complex scalar type....

Best regards,


Thomas Jung
Fraunhofer IISB
91052 Erlangen

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