[Getdp] latest svn rev failed to run with old .pro file

trophime christophe.trophime at lncmi.cnrs.fr
Fri Jun 8 12:04:00 CEST 2012

I tried to use latest svn version on an old pro file
(see the attached file). I got the following error:

Info    : Running 'getdp H1H3.pro -m H1H3.msh -solve BiotSavart_3D' [1
Info    : Started on Fri Jun  8 12:00:39 2012
Info    : Increasing process stack size (8192 kB < 16 MB)
Info    : Loading problem definition 'H1H3.pro'
Error   : 'H1H3.pro', line 23 : syntax error (:)

Is there a guide somewhere to update .pro for latest version?


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