[Getdp] Problem with induction heat geometry

stefan.braun at smartcae.de stefan.braun at smartcae.de
Sat Jan 26 23:57:19 CET 2013

Hello Group Members,
i want to try out a example of onelab.info about induction heating.

If i import the *.geo file in gmsh i get the following error messages.


Info    : Reading 'C:\...\indheat.geo'...
Info    : Starting subloop 1 in Line Loop 543 (are you sure about this?)
Error   : 'C:\...\indheat.geo', line 176 : syntax error (()
Error   : 'C:\...\indheat.geo', line 177 : syntax error (()
Error   : 'C:\...\indheat.geo', line 186 : syntax error (()
Error   : 'C:\...\ndheat.geo', line 187 : syntax error (()

Thank you very much help on this problem.
Best regards,
Stefan Braun

SmartCAE, Munich
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