[Getdp] Example for magnetic force computation

Артем Хорошев vskych at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 08:20:14 CET 2013

Can anybody give an example of the calculation of the magnetic force by 
getdp and (or) gmsh and, ideally, put it in the wiki? It's very cool 
complement it.
In the mailing list has been repeatedly raised this issue.
Now for the calculation of the magnetic force (for example, acting on 
the anchor of electromagnet) I use Maxwell's equation, but it can not be 
used in many cases.
I would like to use the Maxwell stress tensor (or any other way), but 
information on the mailing list was not enough (for me).

Хорошев А.С. ЮРГТУ(НПИ)
Khoroshev A. SRSTU(NPI)