[Getdp] FW: Curl of vector field in postprocessing

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Fri May 17 08:30:36 CEST 2013

Hi Andre,

as far as I know it's not possible to calculate it directly in the PostProcessing.
You have to map your function onto a quantity in the Formulation block. Then you can
take the curl of this quantity in the PostProcessing.

Formulation {
  { Name Projection; 
    Quantity {
      { Name u; Type Local; NameOfSpace Hcurl; }
    Equation {
      Galerkin { [  Dof{u} , {u} ]; In Omega; Integration I3; Jacobian JAll;  }
      Galerkin { [ -dadt[] , {u} ]; In Omega; Integration I3; Jacobian JAll;  }


PostProcessing {
  { Name MyPP; NameOfFormulation Projection;
    Quantity {
      { Name B;  Value{ Local{ [ {d u} ] ; In Omega; } } }


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Dear getdp community

I am trying to calculate the curl of a vector field defined in Function (e.g. loaded with GmshRead)

For example, in this trivial case:

Function {
  dadt[] = Vector[0, -Z[]/2, Y[]/2];
  // etc

PostProcessing {
  Quantity {
    {Name B; Value {Local { [ {Curl dadt[]} ]; In Omega; }}}

I understand that the curly brackets and Curl work with quantities defined in Formulation, but in this case, I simply want the curl of the predefined Vector. Does any one have a clue how it can be done?

Thank you in advance.
Cordial regards,

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