[Getdp] Post-integrate around a search coil

Brady, Garret Garret.Brady at itb.ie
Wed Jul 17 12:08:49 CEST 2013

Hi all,
In my 3D magnetostatic B-conforming model, copying Ruth's reply to Stefan's problem (2009<http://www.geuz.org/pipermail/getdp/2009/001193.html>) (Many thanks!), I am having some difficulty post-integrating the vector potential a around a search coil, to find the magnetic flux linking it.

The problem seems to be how to properly include the 'search coil' (a closed Physical Line) with the 'Air' region, so that a is defined on it.  I've tried defining a Region made up of the air volume and search coil line:

Air = Region[{ AirVol, IntAcontour }] ;

in order to include this in Domain_Mag:

Domain_Mag  = Region[{Steel, Air, DomainS_Mag}];

but the solver gives an error

Info    : Generate[Sys_Mag]
Error   : Null determinant in 'ChangeOfCoord_Form2'

If anyone had any ideas about how I can properly include the IntAcontour in the solution I would be most grateful -- this  wonderful platform has already provided force and torque as a part moves, but it also needs flux (and hence inductance). Many thanks in advance,


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