[Getdp] How does the calculation of a property in an element work?

roeland.schelfhout at ugent.be roeland.schelfhout at ugent.be
Thu Oct 10 11:58:23 CEST 2013


For my thesis, i need to calculate the magnetic field  of a certain magnet 
configuration with Getdp and compare that with an analytical solution.
My analytical solution uses the nodes generated by Gmsh and calculates the 
magnetic field in the nodes.

Is there a way to calculate the magnetic field of the nodes instead of of 
the elements (e.g. triangles) and to return them in an output file that 
looks like (x, y, z, bx,by,bz), the information of each node on a line?
Because untill now, my output is for each element (a triangle) a new line 
with (x1,y1,z1,...y3,z3,bx1,by1,...,by3,bz3). But bx1=bx2=bx3, so one value 
is given for each element and even not for each node of an element.

I'm wondering how a property for an element is calculated given an number 
of nodes?

i hope you understand my problem.

Thanks for your quick response!

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