[Getdp] Domain decompostion

David Eimerl deimerl at eimexinc.com
Tue Dec 3 21:07:35 CET 2013

Hi everyone,


I understand that domain decomposition has been developed for GetDP. There
is a description of the DD modifications to GetDP applied to flow around a
submarine shaped object. 


At present this modification appears to be undocumented. 


It would really help me to understand DD in GetDP if I could see a complete
worked example, such as the submarine modeling, including the .geo files,
the definitions of arrays of variables over {0:#NDOF-1} and the associated
.pro files. 


Can anyone help me out?


Many thanks,


David Eimerl


107 Siebe Drive

Suisun City, CA 94534-1523


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