[Getdp] Question about GetDP for solving 3D magnetic problem considering anisotropic magnetic property

HEE SUNG YOON(윤희성) hsyoon at hyosung.com
Tue Jan 7 02:14:27 CET 2014

My name is Heesung Yoon from HYOSUNG Corporation which makes heavy industrial machines.
I am happy to contact you about a nice GetDP program.

I am interested in solving 3D magnetic problem considering anisotropic magnetic property for the transformer.
As you know, the transformer generally has been made by the grain-oriented silicon steel sheet having the strong anisotropic magnetic property.
Since the magnetic flux distribution by the anisotropic property is quite different from that by the isotropic one, the transformer should be analyzed by considering the anisotropic property.
The simplest way to consider the anisotropic property is to apply reluctivity tensor components using two B-H curves along rolling and transverse directions on the silicon steel sheet.
For example, Nu = [Nu_RD(B_RD), 0, 0 ; 0, Nu_TD(B_TD), 0 ; 0, 0, 1], RD : Rolling direction, TD : Transverse direction

I want to know that the GetDP can solve the 3D magnetic problem considering anisotropic property with the above way.
If you have any experiences about that, please give me some helpful comments.

I wish you all the best of luck in your new year.

Best regards,
Heesung Yoon.

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