[Getdp] Magnetodynamic formulation in reference manual

Артем Хорошев vskych at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 20:52:42 CEST 2014

Paragraph 8.3 "Magnetodynamic problem" of the reference manual (GetDP) 
contain an example of 2D-Magnetodynamic problem.
I`m trying to create a similar fully 3D problem (I think such an example 
would be useful to many beginning users), but I`ve some question.

1. In the formulation of which is presented in the manual, functional space 
"*Hregion_j_Mag_2D*"  is no need? Because current in inductor was set as 
vector by "*Hregion_u_Mag_2D*"("BF_RegionZ" and value from constraint 

2. What kind of "*Type*" and "*Function*" should I use instead "*Form1P*" 
and "*BF_RegionZ*" in "*Hregion_u_Mag_2D*" for 3D problem? "*Form1*" and "

3. This question arises from the previous questions.
How can I set the current as a vector in a cylindrical (or another) coil in 
3D problem? For example:

js[ Ind ] = 25 * Vector[-Sin[Atan2[Z[]-zc,X[]-xc]], 0, 
Cos[Atan2[Z[]-zc,X[]-xc]]] ; .

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