[Getdp] Can GetDP be used to solve for 2D waveguide cross-sections containing dielectrics defined by complex permittivities and permeabilities?

Dr. W. Scott Best scott_best at sibersci.com
Fri Sep 12 12:12:39 CEST 2014

To whom it may concern,

I was interest in using GetDP to solve for the eigenfrequencies and
corresponding eigenvectors for arbitrary 2D waveguide cross-sections containing
one or more mixed dielectrics defined by complex permittivities and
permeabilities to add loss to the solution?  This topic is not addressed in the
GetDP User Guide, where only relative permittivity is mentioned and complex
permeability is mentioned for metal cores.

Next, adaptive mesh refinement is mentioned on p. 30 of the gmsh User Manual,
but is not mentioned elsewhere in the document.  Can gmsh be used to continually
refine the mesh to solve for higher order normal modes of a waveguide
cross-section?  If so, how is this implement?


Dr. Scott Best
Chief Technology Officer
SiberSci, LLC
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