[Getdp] Multiple natural boundary conditions

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the point is that in GetDP it’s not allowed to subtract or add anything from/to
a Dof in a single Galerkin statement. Therefore you have to split your 2nd
Galerkin into two:
[cid:image001.png at 01CFF852.565D1020]

Then it works ☺
[cid:image002.png at 01CFF852.565D1020]


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My problem is common, i'd like to solve the heat equation with, for example, 2 natural Robin BC and one adibatique BC : -lambda.dnT = h.(T-Ti) on Gamma_i with i={1,2} and lambda.dnT = 0 on Gamma_3.
I write the weak form with u in Form0 of the heat equation leads to the classical form :

      Galerkin{ [lambda[] * Dof{Grad u}, {Grad u}];
        In Omega; Jacobian JVol; Integration I1;}

  Galerkin{ [ h[]* (Dof{u} - T[]), {u}];
       In Ambiance; Jacobian JSur; Integration I1;}

In my problem there is no essential BC so i do not have Constraint block.
The computation give a 0 temperature field, I do not understand what's wrong.

Moreover :
1 - I wan to store in a file the temperature field respects to the nodes but PostOperation block computes over elements.
2 - How can I compute the integral of the flux over Gamma_i, to do so, I need for each boundary edge : the flux and the normal vector

Best regards.
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