[Getdp] Nodal temperature field

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sorry for my late answer.
Regarding node values you can also export the result as a node table in the PostOperation:

Print[temperature, OnElementsOf Omega, Format NodeTable, File "temperature_at_nodes.txt”];

Regarding the normal flux you can multiply the flux vector by the normal vector, which is
given by the build-in function Normal[] -> see manual: 6.2.6 Miscellaneous functions.


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Thanks a lot Ruth, that's works.
Do you know how to compute the integral normal flux of the temperature in a specified boundary ?

Best regards.

Le samedi 8 novembre 2014 08:36:10 UTC+1, Ruth Vazquez Sabariego a écrit :
Hi Hamid,
The program computes actually the nodal values. It is just a question of post-processing.
The interpolation per element is done when calling the post-processing.
You just have to modify the post-operation:

  {Name Fourier; NameOfPostProcessing Fourier;
      Print[temperature, OnElementsOf Omega, File "temperature.pos”]; // T is interpolated on elements
      Print[temperature, OnRegion NodesOf[Omega], File "temperatureOnNodes.pos”]; //T given directly on nodes


> On 07 Nov 2014, at 14:26, Hamid Badi <h.b... at bbs-slama.com<javascript:>> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm solving a steady state heat transfer problem derived from the example : onelab.info/wiki/Heat_equation_with_Dirichlet_boundary_control<http://onelab.info/wiki/Heat_equation_with_Dirichlet_boundary_control>
> The solver get the element-based temperature field.
> How can I get the nodal field ?
> Thanks.
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