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Thank you so much, I especially like the comments you added. 

I did try unsuccessfully running the problem and it appears the solution doesn't converge on my machine with the following messages: 

Info : GetDP - 998 2.3177217e+05 8.5152840e-01 
Info : GetDP - 999 2.3162576e+05 8.5099048e-01 
Warning : GetDP - Iterative solver has iterated too many times 
Info : GetDP - 1000 2.2645535e+05 8.3199446e-01 
Info : GetDP - 1000 Iterations / Residual: 275968 
Info : GetDP - Arpack required 50 iterations 

Also, I was curious with regards two issues: 

    * You don't apply symmetry along the center line, why not? 
    * Wouldn't seeding the solution with the solution to the DC case (freq = 0.) speed up resolution significantly? I imagine e sub t could be specified, with h sub t similarly based on the DC current into a 50 ohm load. 

Another consideration with regards seeding, the non-transverse fields will be very small (zero) starting at freq=0; if we swept the frequencies the field solutions to the lower frequency should always work well for the next, with the non-transverse increasing beyond when higher order modes become possible (the point at which we wouldn't be interested in using u-strip anyway). 




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Hi Dan, 

here is a small example for simulating the impedance and propagation constant 
of a simpe microstrip line (2D cross-section). 


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Has anyone done the formulation for the RF characterization of microstrip? DC is clearly in the examples, but I don't see a microstrip formulation with determination of impedance and phase velocity (beta) in the frequency domain. 

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