[Getdp] Issue with constraint from pre-resolution

Marsic, Nicolas marsic at temf.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Feb 8 15:58:32 CET 2018

Hello Guillaume,

Could your problem come from the support of your function spaces?
They are defined on "Domain" and "DomainC".
But your formulation (to compute the boundary condition) is defined on 
By going really quickly through your .pro file, I have the feeling that 
"Infinity" is not in "Domain" or "DomainC".
Is it possible?
That would explain your problem :-).

I hope this will help.

On 08/02/18 15:23, DILASSER Guillaume wrote:
> Dear GetDP user,
> I am writing to call for some help concerning the constraints of type 
> /AssignFromResolution/.
> I am using an H-Phi magnetodynamic model and I would like to control the 
> field on the outer boundaries of the modelling domain to match a 
> specific time-dependant profile. Because the external field I want to 
> apply is too complex for the usual /Assign/ type of constraint (it is 
> the sum of two functions with different time dependences), I have been 
> trying to use /AssignFromResolution/. My current model (not working) is 
> attached with this email. The issue is, during pre-processing, I get the 
> following warning about the system for the pre-resolution, with is 
> apparently empty :
> Info    : Generate[SystemBoundaryConditions]
> Warning : Generated system is of dimension zero
> Info    : Solve[SystemBoundaryConditions]
> Warning : Zero-size system: skipping solve!
> Unfortunately, I do not understand where those errors come from... I 
> have tried to identify the problem by comparing my code with the 
> benchmark examples antennas/dipole.pro and antennas/mstrip.pro that also 
> use /AssignFromResolution/ constraints but I can’t seem to find it… 
> Thank you in advance for your help !
> Yours faithfully,
> Guillaume DILASSER
> Ingénieur de recherche / Research engineer
> CEA Saclay
> Bât.123 – P. 213c
> Point courrier n°11
> 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex
> France
> guillaume.dilasser at cea.fr <mailto:guillaume.dilasser at cea.fr>
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