[Getdp] Formulation term to express boundary constraint

DILASSER Guillaume Guillaume.DILASSER at cea.fr
Tue Mar 6 15:37:21 CET 2018

Dear GetDP users,

I am writing to ask for some help on how to use a Formulation term to enforce a constraint on the value of the unknown field on the boundaries of a modelling domain.

The enclosed files provide an example of what I have been trying to do. I want simulate the response of a superconductor to an external field of the type B(t) = B1*f(t)*ux + B2*g(t)*uy. The functions f and g are different which prevents me from using the usual Constraint block. Indeed, the use of the TimeFunction statement would multiply the entire B expression, not allowing me to have two separate terms with different time variations.

Therefore, I have been trying to enforce my boundary condition through an additional term in the formulation, taking inspiration from the benchmarks dipole.pro and microstrip.pro. Despite my best efforts, I still have issues with this approach :

·         The field does not properly take the value that I ask for. I imagine this is because the unknowns on the boundary of the modelling domain are the nodal values of Phi (the scalar potential) and I am trying to constrain the values of h (in fact more of dh/dt). I really cannot figure on my own how to constrain the values of Phi in the Formulation.

·         The potential Phi seems to be floating despite the constraints that I set. I do not understand why and it seems to lead to the computation crashing early.

I would really appreciate if someone could advise me, I have spent quite some time on this issue but I really do not grasp what is wrong...

Guillaume DILASSER
Ingénieur de recherche / Research engineer

CEA Saclay
Bât.123 - P. 213c
Point courrier n°11
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex

guillaume.dilasser at cea.fr<mailto:guillaume.dilasser at cea.fr>

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