[Getdp] Micro cantilever beam

RAGHURAM T.R. 121704004 at smail.iitpkd.ac.in
Fri Mar 23 09:04:47 CET 2018

Dear all,

I am new to getDP. I am trying to find the displacement for a 2D simple
cantilever fixed-free beam with point load applied at the free end. However
I am having the following doubts.

The .geo file and .pro files are attached for reference. The differential
equation and boundary conditions are commented in the .pro file.

1) How and where to specify the point load (applied only at the free end)
in the problem? This is neither a Dirichlet boundary condition nor a
Neumann boundary condition.

2) Assuming that the beam deflection is only in the y-direction as per the
differential equation (thus the unknown is uy), how to specify the value of
displacement ux in PostProcessing segment? z axis component (uz) is zero as
this is a 2D problem. But what about the x component, ux?

3) While forming the weak form after integration by parts, if the boundary
term is not vanishing at a particular boundary, how and where to specify it
in the .pro file?

4) Please throw some light on the PostOperation and PostProcessing

Sorry if these are trivial questions. Many thanks in advance as these will
help me better understanding.

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