[Getdp] GlobalTerm in 2D Cap

RAGHURAM T.R. 121704004 at smail.iitpkd.ac.in
Wed Apr 11 06:50:31 CEST 2018

Dear all,

Could you please explain the "*GlobalTerm*" used in 2D capacitor
formulation as below:

Formulation {

  { Name for_v ; Type FemEquation ;
    Quantity {
      { Name v; Type Local;  NameOfSpace fs_vglob; }
      { Name Q; Type Global; NameOfSpace fs_vglob [GlobalElectricCharge]; }
      { Name V; Type Global; NameOfSpace fs_vglob [GlobalElectricPotential]; }
    Equation {
      Galerkin { [ epsr[]*Dof{d v} , {d v} ] ; In Vol; Jacobian Vol ;
Integration Int ; }
      // div epsr[] grad v=0

      GlobalTerm { [ -Dof{Q}/eps0 , {V} ] ; In Grouped ; }

I understand that the aim is to calculate the voltage (v) and the Galerkin
term implements the Laplace equation in weak form. But what does the
GlobalTerm implement? The Grouped domain consists of the two plates (One
plate is given a fixed voltage and the other plate is grounded). I also
read from the example that the GlobalTerm is used when the variable to be
calculated is constant throughout a region and also that the GlobalTerm do
not perform integration. I hope my understanding is right. Please help me
in understanding this further in this context.

Many thanks in advance.

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