[Getdp] Modeling an induction system, request for an expert using GetDp

Victor GUILLOT victor.guillot at thimonnier.fr
Thu Jun 7 17:11:38 CEST 2018

Dear Mr or Mrs,

The software Onelab interests us for the simulation of multi physic problems related to sealing of polymers.

We have a case we would like to simulate on it related to induction. Instead of trying ourselves the software with a tutorial, we would
prefer to request to a experimented user of it if the case can be simulated with GetdP and then have a support to model the case.

In some words, the case is to simulate a very thin aluminium foil induced by an inductor at frequencies between  700 khz and 2 Mhz.
The current in the inductor is sinusoidal with an amplitude between 50 and 400 A.
The inductor has a relative complex geometry (more complex than a single coil shown on https://gitlab.onelab.info/doc/models/wikis/Magnetodynamics-with-cohomology-conditions)
and we want to test different geometries.
This simulation would be at the beginning electromagnetic, in 3D and in frequency domain.The problem is a quasi-static one (not full wave)
Then we would be interested in coupling it with a thermal one in time domain.
The case was already simulated in Comsol with the help of specific boundary conditions like the Impedance Boundary Condition, the Transition
Boundary Condition, and specific port to define the current entrance.
When we used Comsol, we had difficulties with edges, contacts between geometrical parts, updating of geometries even if Comsol has
its own CAD and meshing tool

Do you know an expert which can support us for building a model of this case ?


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